Harsh conditions covered as Sennheiser releases new mic

Sennheiser has released its MKE 1 professional clip-on microphone to provide natural and full sound quality in a product that measures 3.3mm across. The company said it took particular care to ensure the microphone capsule was protected from humidity so it could operate in harsh live conditions.

The microphone has an omni-directional pick-up pattern and is claimed to register predominantly direct sound with relatively little ambient noise.

The anti-kink sleeve has also been improved in a bid to increase the life of the Kevlar-reinforced cable. With a diameter of 1mm the cable is said to be highly resistant to handling noise while a plastic coating ensures that it tangles less readily.

The MKE 1’s multi-purpose cap, that protects the microphone from perspiration, also serves as a windshield (treble boost of 1.5dB). A small frequency response cap ensures a treble boost of 2.5dB for applications where the mic is hidden within a costume or when more brilliance needs to be added to a voice. For the finishing touches to this professional package the MKE 1 comes with three make-up protection caps and several thin plastic tubes for shielding the cable when attaching it with clips or adhesive tape.

The MKE 1 is available in beige and black and comes with a three-pin plug for the Sennheiser bodypack transmitters SK 5212, SK 5012, SK 250, SK 50 and SK 3063 or with an un-terminated cable for other transmitters.

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