Harman unveils P3 System Controller Software V 5.3.0

Harman has announced the release of the Martin P3 System Controller Software version 5.3.0, available as a free upgrade for the P3 system controller range.

The updade includes features and improvemets that are compatible with the MAC Aura PXL, MAC Ultra and VD0 Atomic Bold as well as other products including VDO Sceptron, Exterior PixLine and VDO Fatron. 

The P3-PC system controller now supports the NDI protocol, allow P3-PC units to receive VoIP from various sources such as media servers, webcams and media players. 

sACN has also been added as an input protocol on all P3 controllers, alongside DMX and Art-Net. Support for multi-universe Art-Net Sync and sACN Sync has also been added. 

DMX and Motion View now include a re-patch functionality and incoming universe status window, allowing users to run fixtures in video mode without any DMX controls patched. 

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