Harman Professional launches JBL Professional CPi2000 cinema processor

Harman has announced the worldwide release of its CPi2000 cinema processor after the product’s initial release in China in 2018.

The CPi2000 includes DSP processing, JBL cinema speaker crossover presets, system fault detection and custom GUI software with a 1/3 octave GEQ for room tuning.

The processor has a front-panel LCD display and a volume knob to allow users to monitor the status of the system, amplifiers and speakers, allowing for the adjustment of global output levels.

The CPi2000 can be paired with select Crown amplifiers, with the processor able to detect faults of speakers or amplifiers and send fault information to a TMS or third-party control system via its RJ45 connector.

Four input options are available for the processor: analogue, digital, non-sync and mono mic. The analogue and digital inputs accept audio signals from cinema servers, with the non-sync input receiving line-level stereo signals from CD or DVD players for background-music playback, with the mic input connecting to an RTA microphone for room tuning.

The processor also includes 10 HD-15 analogue outputs for passive, bi-amp or tri-amp connection, a 25-pin analogue output for compatibility with third party audio systems and a redundant output that works together with the analogue input to bypass the processor during power failures, directly distributing audio signals.

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