Harman introduces 3-way cinema surround loudspeaker

Harman has announced a high-output, 3-way, configurable pattern surround loudspeaker.

The JBL 9350 has been designed to complement the main screen channel in a cinema surround sound systems for sonic character and dynamics.

It has setting options for adjusting the coverage based on the location of the speaker. The product’s passive crossover network, patented waveguide technologies and line array techniques ensure its coverage pattern can be sculpted depending on setting.

The system’s Acoustic Divider waveguide improves low and mid-frequency performance while providing a smoother frequency transition.  The Bi-pole Wall Decoupling reduces the wall reflection notching typical of surrounds by shaping rear hemisphere energy. The 9350 further enhances coverage by configurable vertical and horizontal coverage angles based on whether the surround is located on the rear or side wall location.

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