Harman announces JBL G2 series karaoke loudspeakers and subwoofer

Harman has announced the launch of its JBL KP G2 series Karaoke loudspeakers and subwoofer designed for the China and APAC markets.

The G2 series expands on the KP6000, KP4000 and KP2000 series, with the G2 series including eleven models of passive loudspeakers with woofers ranging from 10-in to 15-in with a matched passive subwoofer. 

The KP8055, KP2015G2, KP6015G2 and KP4015G2 loudspeakers feature 15-in woofers, while the KP8052, KP2012G2, KP6012G2 and KP4012G2 loudspeakers feature 12-in woofer and the KP2010G2 and KP4010G2 loudspeakers feature 10-in woofers.

The KP6018SG2 subwoofer is equipped with a long-excursion cone driver for extended bass response and an 18-in woofer.  

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