Handheld label printer for efficient cabling

The launch of the Rhino 6000 handheld printer is providing installers with the chance to significantly cut the time and inconvenience of labelling, the company says.

It is the first handheld printer in the Rhino family to offer a USB connection to Windows PCs together with Rhino Connect label-design software. The software allows you to import data from any Windows-based software programme. Installation companies can design and store standard versions of frequently used labels and legends, and upload them to individual label printers as necessary.

The unit also includes a library of consisting of more than 250 pre-programmed industry symbols and terms, which are ideal for audio/video, voice/data and security installations. With a 1MB memory capacity, the Rhino 6000 can store up to 1,000 label legends created by the user, including logos, symbols and terms, for instant recall and re-use.

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