Hall Research releases keypad for networked device control

Hall Research has released UI-IP8-DP, a programmable eight-button wall-plate keypad that can control IoT and IP-enabled devices on the network.

The keypad can be programmed to send TCP/Telnet commands to target devices based on pressing buttons or by scheduling events in its real-time clock/calendar.

The keypad's eight buttons have multi-colour LEDs for backlighting. The colour and brightness of each button are user definable as part of the configuration. Users can create keys that toggle between two states or work in a mutually exclusive radio-group. The UI-IP8-DP also provides a Relay output that can be used to trigger devices with contact closure control. Programming is carried out using an embedded web GUI.

The wall plate keypad is PoE powered so when connected to a network router or switch with PoE, it gets its power through the LAN connection. A separate power supply is also included for cases where PoE may not be available. 

The UI-IP8-DP can be used in applications such as AV system control, home or building automation, factory floors, manufacturing facilities and interactive kiosks.

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