Hall Research Announces HDMI-over-UTP Extension

Hall Research has announced the UH-2C-S-DP, to extend HDMI over long distances. The UH-2C-S-DP is a single gang Decora Plate that sends HDTV or DVI PC video up to 200 ft on two Cat6 cables.

To ease installation, the wall plate does not require any power connection as it is powered via the UTP cable by the remote unit. When paired with a corresponding UH-2C-R remote receiver, the system provides a clean re-clocked video output compatible with virtually all HDMI or DVI displays at any resolution. The re-clocked video also allows multiple units to be daisy chained together to achieve very long distances from the source. 
The UH-2C-S-DP is compatible with HDMI up to v1.3 and DVI-D Single Link. The wall plate can accommodate locking HDMI cables for a secure and firm connection.

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