Hall Research announces 8-port HDBaseT Extender

The UHBX-8X from Hall Research is a 1 RU device that converts 8 HDMI inputs to corresponding HDBaseT outputs for extension to 150 metres (500 ft) using UTP (Cat5e/6) cables.

The extender supports HDCP, deep-colour, CEC, and 4K (UHD) resolution. The HDBaseT outputs can be directly connected to displays equipped with HDBaseT inputs or any of the various receivers from Hall Research including the UH-1BT-R or the PoH powered UHBX-R-PD that also provides RS-232 and IR extension.

The UHBX-8X includes IP (Ethernet), and RS-232 ports for control. Using these ports the user can address and send RS-232 or IR commands to any of the receivers to control the display.

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