Hall introduces Apollo Technology Room Kit

Hall has launched the Apollo Room Kit, a packaged AV system for workspaces and learning environments.

Apollo provides HDMI video switching, system control, video extension and analog audio amplification, in a three-piece kit.

Using the Valens VS2010 processor, power, control, video up to 4K@60Hz and audio are transported over a single Category 6a cable between a wall plate transmitter and the receiver with a minimum transport distance of 30m/100ft.

The wall plate control panel connects to the wall plate transmitter with a second Category 6a cable. The wall plate control panel allows remote switching of the sources and volume control from a convenient location. You can switch among four HDMI Inputs, and you can scale the HDMI inputs up to 4K@60Hz. All the power needed for the system is provided by the receiver.

Additionally, the receiver features a built-in Web UI for control and analog audio de-embedding to your choice of a built-in 20W stereo amplifier for driving low impedance speakers, a 70V amplifier for driving commercial 70V speakers or stereo analog audio outputs. DSP is also supported allowing for output mixing of any video audio inputs, TX audio in and RX audio in.

The system includes monitoring software for multi-room configuration, system monitoring and control along with firmware updating of all devices from a central networked computer. An integrated Ethernet switch allows configuration with the IP Network.

Remote USB 2.0 connectivity adds to the features that makes it suitable for any classroom or conference space.

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