HaiVision updates Furnace

HaiVision has released version 5.5 of its Furnace system, which incorporates support of in-line metadata, or HotMarks, to allow tagging of video moments with freeform data while recording.

HotMarks can be applied directly to the video asset during the recording process either through the Web interface or via third-party control systems. Furnace 5.5 also includes a complete application-programming interface (API) for the network video recorder option. This allows third-party control devices to establish, control, and tag recording sessions on the fly.

Furnace 5.5 includes the support of API-controlled and extensible network video recording with HotMarks technology and record/review/publish workflow. The multistream monitoring feature has been extended to address the specific challenges required for OR monitoring at a nurse's station including preset screen and channel configurations. Finally, Furnace’s player technology has received further intelligence to trigger the player (to full screen or preset volume, for example) when it detects keywords within closed captioning.

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