Haivision Torpedo at ISE 2011

The Torpedo family of DVB-to-IP gateways from Haivision enables today's digital broadcasts to be delivered over IP video networks without the need to re-encode the content.

The Torpedo takes a digital RF DVB signal from a satellite or terrestrial antenna, extracts and filters the MPEG-2 transport stream packets, and retransmits them to multiple multicast or unicast UDP targets via an Ethernet interface. Using a single Torpedo, enterprises can deliver a number of digital satellite TV and radio services to viewers over standard IP video networks. Haivision's Torpedo supports both SD and HD satellite (DVB-S and DVB-S2) and terrestrial (DVB-T) signals. The Torpedo will also support DVB-T2. The new gateway may be used as a stand-alone system or be integrated as part of the Haivision Furnace end-to-end IP video system.

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