Haivision announces latest version of Viper streaming tool

AUTHOR: Inavate

Haivision has announced availability of Viper 1.1, the latest version of its tool for distributed multistream content recording, streaming, and publishing.

The appliance combines dual-channel HD encoding, low-latency secure streaming, video on demand, and a contextual multichannel record-review-publish workflow within a single chassis.

Haivision has also introduced the Viper VF, a companion to the Furnace IP video distribution system, tailored to installations where many rooms need the ability to record independently and then publish the assets to a central video-on-demand system.

Viper is suitable for capturing, streaming, and publishing events relying on multimedia sources — such as lectures that include both the instructor and an interactive computer display, corporate presentations combining a podium shot with rich media presentations, or medical skills labs or procedure rooms with multiple camera angles or sources.

It streams and records two real-time, full-frame-rate, HD H.264 streams containing either HD video or computer graphics content. The multistream content can be streamed and recorded simultaneously, and accessed securely through Haivision's, browser-independent InStream player.

Viper appliances enable users to set up multichannel sessions, initiate simultaneous streaming and recording, and make content available automatically for on-demand viewing. Remote viewers can watch live multistream HD content simply by clicking a Web link and launching the "zero-install" InStream player.

With Viper VF for distributed multistream recording, users can record, review, and publish content, leveraging a centralised Furnace video-on-demand system. Users can also assign media rights for each Viper via the central Furnace conditional access administration.