Hacousto intros LoopDrive system at ISE

Hacousto International will introduce its 4EVAC LoopDrive system at ISE 2015 (10-13 February, RAI, Amsterdam) on stand 7-S163.

The system is compliant and certified with EN54-16 and EN54-17 regulations with a design based on a modular “plug and play” system.

Installing 4EVAC LoopDrive’s Fault Isolator Modules (FIM) between loudspeakers on a loop means when DC voltage drops below a threshold on the loop circuit, the fault is detected, located and isolated.

FIM protects the loop’s integrity against any open wire-to-wire short circuits, giving peace of mind that voice evacuation audio transmission will be not be interrupted.

The LoopDrive Booster (LDB) is at the heart of the 4EVAC LoopDrive system. Driving up to 200 FIM’s over a dual-core cable. A single LDB can pass 800 W of audio signal from an amplifier whilst channelling DC to the loop for powering and managing FIM modules.

Up to 32 LDB’s can be attached onto a single DIN-rail providing DC-power for the RS485 data connection and General-Fault contact.

Control and navigation can be accessed and viewed via front buttons and indicators and the LoopDrive Booster gives access to the functions and features of the systems’ design.

The 4EVAC LoopDrive SNIFFER, is a Graphical User Interface (GUI), which allows up to 256 LDB-units over a single RS485 connection to be easily visualised, configured, installed, managed and controlled remotely.

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