Guntermann & Drunck presents mission-critical KVM range at World ATM Congress 2018

Guntermann & Drunck has presented a range of KVM products, including the KVM switch DP1.2-MUX3-ATC which was specially developed to meet the requirements of air traffic controls, at the World ATM Congress 2018.

The KVM switch DP1.2-MUX3-ATC allows the operation of up to three computers. This makes redundancy concepts easy to implement and offers secure systems. ATCOs are able to operate their primary, redundancy and fallback systems from the same workstation. If a system error occurs or a computer fails, the device automatically switches to the redundant computer within a fraction of a second. As a hardware switch, it only accesses the computer's standard interfaces and therefore does not require any software installation.

The DP1.2-MUX3-ATC supports DisplayPort1.2 resolutions and therefore also supports high-resolution 4K video at 60 Hz. It switches latency and loss-free between the individual channels and can also be combined with extender systems. This way, any computers can be removed from the working environment of ATCOs who are now able to operate them remotely. This is an additional advantage for administrators who can maintain the systems in the background without interrupting the work of the controllers on the primary system.

The system provides mission-critical functions such as the screen-freeze function, SNMP and monitoring for preventive health management of the system components.

G&D has developed its own compression method High Dynamic Image Processing, Level 3. Despite its lower bandwidth, it enables transmission in high image quality and is suitable for the ATC sector. All devices are compatible and can be combined with each other. The digital matrix switches ControlCenter-Digital and ControlCenter-Compact can also be combined with the compressing KVM extender DP1.2-Vision. This enables not only the extension but also the distributed switching of high-resolution 4K video signals by matrix systems.

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