Gude power products now supported by Crestron XiO Cloud

The Power Distribution Units (PDU) of Gude Systems for AV installations are now supported by the Crestron XiO Cloud Management Platform.

Together, Gude and the Crestron cloud-based management platform can now deliver a proactive operation of managing connected PDUs in AV systems.

As an official Crestron Technology Partner, the IP power strips of Gude will be supported for XiO Cloud users without additional costs.

Customers can benefit from integration of the smart PDUs in their professionally operated AV installations. At the same time, Crestron XiO Cloud platform in conjunction with the Expert Power Control products of Gude lead to better protected devices, faster managed service and higher energy efficiency in any residential or enterprise AV environment. The cloud-based system allows scaling to a different number of rooms and appliances.

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