Gude IP power releases to support DIN rail installations

Gude announced two IP power products for DIN rail installations: the Remote Monitoring System Expert Net Control 2304-1 and IP power distribution Expert Power Control 8001-1.

The Expert Net Control 2304-1 is an intelligent remote monitoring system that allows control and access options via TCP/IP in DIN rail installations. Schedule-controlled switching, threshold alarms and sensor-based environmental monitoring to safeguard mission-critical equipment is provided. Available drivers allow seamless integration with industry-standard monitoring solutions PRTG, Domotz, Icinga, Nagios and PoweIQ. 

Gude’s Remote Monitoring System (RMS) has eight individually switchable relay outputs and eight passive signal inputs for polling NO/NC devices such as smoke detectors and door contacts. Thanks to the sensor connection (RJ45), the remote I/O system can be expanded with sensors and ambient temperature, humidity, air pressure and leakage can be monitored. In professional AV environments the device can, for example, offer demand-based control of the lighting installation and schedule-based control of the shading systems.

The Expert Power Control 8001-1 has five switchable load outputs and, due to environmental monitoring and energy measurement per port, is claimed to enable the increase of operational safety and energy efficiency in switching and distribution cabinets. The compact device in a DIN rail housing is compatible with AV control systems from manufacturers such as Crestron, Extron, Domotz and Control4.

The switched Power Distribution Unit (PDU) with its four main functions provides flexible and demand-oriented device management: switching, measuring, controlling and monitoring. In addition to total current measurement, the DIN rail device has two integrated energy meters per load output (outlet-metered). The measurement of many electrical variables helps power saving in the IT environments.

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