GTK intros touchless UI system for hygienic touchscreens

GTK has launched a touchless UI product for OEMs to design an interface that does not need direct physical contact by the end user.

GTK has partnered with TouchNetix, a UK-based technology company, for this product.

The aXiom IC developed by TouchNetix allows the touchscreen sensor to detect a user’s hand some distance from the screen. Combined with GTK’s range of displays, this results in a touchless user interface that can be applied to any colour display technology.

The touchscreens can be used intuitively by holding the finger about 5-6 cm away from the screen and using several different gestures, the same as those used with traditional capacitive touchscreens, such as tapping, flicking and swiping.

Clive Dickinson, business manager for displays at GTK, said, “It can be used with colour and mono displays, and OEMs can customise their UI to use a combination of different gestures that best suit their end application. The touchscreens can also still be used in traditional touch format if required.”

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