Ginsbury LCD panels go wide

Ginsbury, a digital signage display specialist, has announced a range of super wide, LED backlit, high brightness displays suitable for digital signage applications.

The wide aspect ratio LCD display panels are available in a range of sizes from 9.0" to 38.0" and feature a number of wide aspect ratios including 16:3, 16:6, 5:2 and 2:1.

The range includes 9", 12.3", 15.5", 16.3", 17.7", 19.1", 24.4", 28.0", 28.5" and 38" LCD panels. White LED backlighting provides brightness ratings up to 800cd/m² and enables the panels to operate in high ambient light environments such as retail shopping centres and public transport terminals. In addition, customer specific enhancements are available which can increase the panel brightness up to 2000cd/m².

Displays are available as LCD panel and driver board, open frame monitor or as a fully enclosed display complete with integrated networked media player. The integrated LCD monitor features an integrated serial port which provides remote control of the display and its parameters. The integrated monitors can also be supplied with an infra red remote control.

Screen resolutions include 800 x 256, 1024 x 256, 1280 x 390, 1366 x 238, 1920 x 360 and 1920 x 540 pixels.