Gig Gear two hand touch harness now available

'Two Hand Touch' (THT) lightweight harness is designed to let AV professionals comfortably wear their tablets at arm's length.

The over-the-shoulder sharness gives the user the freedom to use both hands on apps that permit multi-touch capabilities. 

The harness can be flattened and is non obstructive. It features multiple pockets and pouches for additional accessories and equipment including pens, a dB meter, gaffer tape and radios. 

Multiple elastic bands in different configurations are also included on the inside of the case, allowing for tablets and phones of all sizes to be easily secured. 

Two models are currently on offer, the Two Hand Touch 9 and the Two Hand Touch 12, which are designed to fit the standard iPad 9.7 inch size and the iPad Pro 12.9 inch size, respectively. 

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