Genelec’s smart active monitor now shipping

Genelec has debuted its 1235A smart active monitor, combining Genelec’s 1035 main monitor 96 kHz processing and integration with the Genelec GLM calibration software.

The 1235A features on and off-axis response with a short-term SPL of 130 dB and low frequency extension down to 29 Hz, with dual 15-in drivers, dual five-in drivers working with DCW waveguide technology. 

A remote-mountable RAM XL electronics module is included, containing power amplification, crossovers and processing, alongside Class D amplification which delivers 2000W, 800W and 250W for the LF, MF and HF drivers.

Input connectivity is provided by both analogue and AES/EBU digital formats as well as an AES/EBU digital update. With GLM software, the 1235A can be configured, controlled and calibrated for a variety of acoustic environments, allowing users to alter the frequency response, level and distance delay. 

GLM also allows users of other Genelec smart active monitors to create systems to suit stereo, multiple stereo, multi-channel or 3D immersive audio formats, with the 1235A available as a retrofittable on-site upgrade for owners of 1035A and B monitors. 

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