Genelec launches 4410 IP loudspeaker and control app

Genelec has announced the release of its 4410 loudspeaker, the latest in its smart IP family of installation speakers, alongside the smart IP controller app.

The 4410 loudspeaker receives both power and audio-over-IP, featuring a single rear panel RJ45 connector to allow access to Genelec’s smart IP manager, a downloadable software tool running on Windows 10 that enables installers to configure rooms, zones, loudspeakers, audio channels and more. 

The 4410 is designed for smaller spaces, with a height of 181mm. The loudspeaker can produce 100 dB of short-term SPL and supports up to eight audio channels in a stream with sample rates of 32-96 kHz and 16-24 bit resolution. 

The speaker provides a frequency response of 67 Hz – 40 kHz via internal class D amplification stages, driving a three-in woofer and a ¾-in metal dome tweeter. 


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