Genee World launches tablet charging trolleys for schools

Genee World has announced the launch of the Genee Charger Units, a range of charging units designed to work in conjunction with its range of tablets.

Genee Charger Units have been produced to help schools manage the increasing use of tablets in schools and are designed in a lightweight material to enable mobility to and from locations around the school.

The units also come in a range of primary colours to fit in with the school environment. 

The AC option allows users to use their own tablets, own charger and USB cables, while the USB version has a built in USB charger, requiring just the tablet's USB cable.

All the electronics are housed in an removable timer module which in the unlikely event of a problem can be simply swapped out, reducing down time and cost.

The Genee Tablet Charging Trolley has been fully electrically tested, and complies with the latest HSE manufacturing guidelines on electrical safety.

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