Gefen goes 100m with ELR KVM extender

Gefen’s Extra Long Range (ELR) KVM Extender can deliver WUXGA resolutions, with USB peripherals, using one Cat-5 cable up to 100 metres.

The DVI KVM ELR Extender (EXT-DVIKVM-ELR), based on HDBaseT technology, is now shipping.

It can carry three USB 2.0 signals on the same CAT-5 cable alongside the DVI and reduces the amount of cables needed while increasing the length of extension to 330 feet (100m). At this distance, high-resolution video is supported at resolutions up to 1920x1200. USB data is sent at rates reaching up to 100 Mbps.

Installation requires the connection of the computer to the sender unit. The receiver offers three USB outputs for keyboard/mouse, camera, hard drive, printer or scanner, and a display. One industry standard CAT-5 cable connects the sender to the receiver unit.

The DVI KVM ELR Extender comes with locking power supplies, is rack mountable and supports cross-platform computers.

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