Gefen extends ToolBox for HDMI 3DTV

Gefen has extended its ToolBox line of wall-mountable hardware with an Extender for HDMI 3DTV.

The Gefen ToolBox Extender for HDMI 3DTV uses HDBaseT technology from Valens Semiconductor to enhance the length and features of its high definition extension capability.

Small sender and receiver units link high-definition sources to an HDTV display using one industry-standard CAT-5 cable, delivering 1080p full HD with 3DTV pass-through, multi-channel audio and IR remote control up to 100m.

The long-range extender streamlines cables, enhances HDMI v1.3 support with 3DTV and offers an IR back channel so customers can conveniently control source(s) through a remote pointed at the display.

It is fully HDCP-compliant, with features such as locking HDMI connection cables and locking power supplies.

The Gefen ToolBox Extender for HDMI 3DTV comes in two custom finishes, a glossy cream or flat black.

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