Gefen extends KVM signals 2,000m

Gefen's DVI-3600HD extends AV signals over fibre optic cable for setup of remote workstations.

The KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) extender comes with rack mountable sender and receiver units equipped with ports for DVI, USB, RS-232 and analogue audio.

When connected to a local computer and a remote workstation, the DVI-3600HD delivers high resolution (1920x1200) video in the DVI format, up to four USB peripherals such as keyboard/mouse, printer, camera and hard drive, RS-232 automation or control and analogue audio from sender to receiver. ??

Distances up to 2,000 m are reached using a single mode fibre optic cable. ?The use of multi-mode fibre optic cable will reach distances up to 500m.??

Because USB peripherals can be connected at both local (sender) and remote (receiver) locations, users can set up two distant workstations and alternate between the two.

When in local mode, the computer accesses up to two USB devices connected to the sender unit. When in remote mode, it recognizes up to four USB devices connected to the receiver unit.

A front panel switch on the sender controls local and remote modes of operation. Local and virtual EDID is designed to ensure a constant signal sync.

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