Gefen Extender takes signals 30m over Cat7

Gefen is now shipping its DisplayPort Extender, which can send AV signals up to 30m from computer to display.

The same extender and only one Cat7 cable can be used by anyone working with resolutions up to 1920x1200.

Wall mountable sender and receiver units deliver audio and video from the DisplayPort source over the Cat7 cabling to the display. Power is required at the sender unit only; the receiver unit receives its power using the Cat7 cable.

Additional features include 16 different EQ adjustments using a rotating switch on the receiver unit. The receiver’s HPD Auto Calibration switch allows a full calibration of the connected display with no training needed in video technology. A locking power supply on the sender unit improves system stability.

The Gefen DisplayPort Extender over Cat7 is currently shipping and includes sender unit receiver unit, six-foot local DisplayPort cable and locking power supply.

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