Gefen announces scaler with amplifier

AUTHOR: Inavate

Gefen released its Audio/Video Scaler Pro with Amplifier to integrate computer, legacy and digital devices. The company says its rack-mountable scaler performs seamless source switching, up-scales video to 1080p full HD and supports audio amplification.

It offers volume control and two 20-watts per channel speaker outputs. Video inputs are provided for HDMI (two inputs), DVI, VGA, component, composite and s-video. All video inputs come with separate audio inputs: HDMI with S/PDIF and Optical; and DVI/VGA, composite, s-video and component with analogue stereo inputs. One HDMI output is offered with mirrored S/PDIF, Optical and stereo audio outs. The selected video source is delivered in the HDMI format, with audio embedded in the HDMI signal, and delivered separately.

Dual performance scaling engines drive resolution scaling, while the advanced colour engine technology is designed to refine colours, intensify contrast and define details such as skin tone. 3D noise reduction, frame delay, and adaptive de-interlacers enhance the scaling options, all accessible through the on-screen menu controlled by IR remote.