G&D expands IP portfolio

German manufacturer G&D has introduced an expansion to its specially developed KVM-over-IP product line.

Until now, the portfolio included only one extender system based on KVM-over-IP technology. It offered reliability and security features as well as optimum latency, however, one aspect was missing: the possibility of switching. This possibility is now added with the ControlCenter-IP as central appliance.

The additional network integration of the ControlCenter-IP turns the extender systems, which have so far only implemented a point-to-point connection between computer and workstation over IP, into a KVM matrix.

Now every connected workstation can be granted access to any computer connected to the KVM system. Both the dynamic access and the use of KVM-over-IP give the application twice the flexibility. Secure and reliable operation is ensured by AES-128 encryption and the support of important aspects of quality of service.

While the network infrastructure takes over the transport of IP packets from A to B with the help of network switches and routers, the ControlCenter-IP contributes the logic.

Included are all features included in the matrix switches ControlCenter-Digital and ControlCenter-Compact. There is the basic administration with extensive user and rights management. In addition, the device provides control room features from monitoring, scripting and scenario switching to push-get for optimal collaboration and the integration of videowalls, up to CrossDisplay-Switching for operation at multi-monitor workstations.

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