Funktion-One launches wide dispersion loudspeaker Evo X

Funktion-One has introduced the Evo X, it uses Funktion-One waveguide technology to provide 90° horizontal dispersion and high SPL.

Evo X's advanced driver technology delivers clarity, resolution and detail across 90° horizontal dispersion, making it suitable for live venues, small clubs and theatres.

It is capable of high SPL from a relatively compact speaker and can be deployed as a one per side or four-point system. While Evo X’s horizontal dispersion delivers even coverage across a wide area, its focused 15° vertical dispersion ensures the sound is concentrated on the audience, minimising reflections and room excitement.

Featuring the same isophase diffraction high frequency waveguide technology as Vero VX, Evo X is designed for small to medium live events and installations, finding its optimal audience area at around 10m by 10m.

Operating across 50Hz-18kHz, it combines very well with Funktion-One F Series and BR Range bass speakers for increased low frequency energy. The wide bandwidth 8-in mid-range extends to 5kHz, minimising stress on the 1-in high frequency driver, while the 15-in mid bass can handle 50Hz-280Hz.


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