Funktion-One debuts F124 bass enclosure in Europe

Funktion One bass enclosure

Funktion-One will introduce its F124 bass enclosure to the European market at Prolight + Sound 2018.

The sub combines Funktion-One’s horn-loading technology with a 24-in driver. The company’s design team worked with Precision Devices to develop a double 6-in voice coil motor with a Bl factor of 50. 

The 24-in cone is controlled by two voice coils and intense magnetic flux in an effort to deliver excellent transient response and extended depth to below 30Hz. The unit is suited to use with Evolution systems and other Funktion-One mid-high speakers. 

A flown Vero array, F132 and BR132A 32-inch bass enclosures, a ground stacked arrangement of F124 bass enclosures with Evo 6E speakers, a PSM318 DJ monitor, and an SB210A/F81 self-powered compact system will also be shown on the Funktion-One stand. 

Funktion-One will also demonstrated Evo with six newly launched F124 bass enclosures in the Live Sound Arena/Open Air Agora. 

Prolight + Sound will take place in Frankfurt, April 10 to 13, 2018.