Fohhn ships Focus Modular line arrays

Fohhn Audio has started shipping its Focus Modular electronically steerable, active line array systems.

The units incorporating the company’s beam steering technology, have high sound pressure levels and boast wide dynamic ranges. The enclosures are designed to be compact and lightweight ensure.

Three active systems make up the Focus Modular series. The FM/FMI-100 contains 8 x 1" compression drivers with Fohhn HF Waveguide and horn; the FM/FMI-110 high frequency module contains 16 x 1" compression drivers with HF Waveguide and horn; and the FM/FMI-400, a low-mid module is equipped with 32 x 4" long excursion speakers.

The systems also feature multi-channel Class D amplifiers and a multi-channel DSP processor for beam steering.

A second DSP provides access to a range of audio tools including parametric 10-band EQ, compressor/limiter/noise gate, delay, x-over, status and temperature monitoring and tone generator (sweep tone and pink noise).

Another DSP contains an algorithm designed to give maximum protection to each individual speaker. The Focus Modular series can achieve maximum SPLs of 139dB (FMI-400), 142dB (FMI-100) and 148dB (FMI-110), measured at a distance of one metre.

The different modules can be combined and cascaded for a range of applications using Fohhn’s dedicated Quick-Lock system.

Focus Modular systems are designed for mobile and permanent install projects in theatres, concert halls, airports, cathedrals and conference centres.

The loudspeakers can be mounted flat against a wall, or installed within the wall itself and systems can be supplied in a full range of RAL colours.

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