Fohhn grows 19 DSP-controlled amps

Fohhn Audio has announced a multi-channel digtial amplifier. The D-4.1200 joins the company's series of 19", DSP-controlled products for fixed and applications.

The 4-channel model weighs 11kg and featues Class D amplifier technology and Fohhn DSPs. It generates 4 x 1200W of power at 4 Ohms. An integral 4-in-6 matrix enables each input channel to be independently routed to the 4 powered and 2 auxiliary outputs. The auxiliary outputs can also be used for controlling an additional standard amplifier.

It is equipped with quiet fans and is designed to generate a minimal amount of heat when operational. Fohhn Mains Control constantly monitors the mains supply to the amplifier, interrupting it if the maximum permitted range is exceeded. By automatically switching on at the mains voltage zero crossing, the initial current input surge is also minimised on power-up.

The D-4.1200 features an integrated speaker database for all Fohhn loudspeaker types. Two separate Fohhn DSP engines are also included – one exclusively for speaker control and the other for user control of the onboard audio tools that include 10-band parametric EQ, delay, dynamics, crossover etc. Channels can be directly edited via the amplifier’s blue 4-line front panel display, turning the D-4.1200 into a practical plug-and-play system for mobile applications. For larger installations, the amplifier can be remotely controlled and networked using Fohhn Audio Soft software and a laptop.

The D-4.1200 is suitable for concert halls, opera houses, theatres, churches and industrial settings.

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