Firmware update for Allen & Heath SQ adds dLive processing options

Allen & Heath has released V1.4 firmware for its SQ series that adds processing options found in the company’s dLive digital mixing system.

V1.4 offers new audio tools including Multiband Compressors, Dynamic EQ and De-Esser from the FX Rack of dLive. The optional add-ons allow up to eight instances that can be inserted on any input channel, group or mix.

The new version also offers offline mode for SQ’s MixPad App, which is now also being released for PC and Mac (previously iOS and Android only). 
New Input Ganging features eight separate gangs with drag and drop set-up to link processing, routing and faders across multiple input channels and can also be switched per-scene.

SQ’s overhauled Recall Filters provide more control over the mix and have been extended to include per-scene filtering, suitable for theatre engineers or those needing to use complex scene-to-scene recalls. 

For installations and studio engineers, high resolution MIDI control to and from the mixer has been implemented, enabling absolute and relative adjustments of essential parameters remotely, as well as the ability to send automation from a DAW, or send and receive scene changes, via network or USB.

A mono option is available for the matrices, store and recall of individual scenes and libraries to a USB device, socket control directly from the I/O screen, and new SoftKey / Soft Rotary options. 

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