Features hike for Stardraw Control 2010

Stardraw.com has expanded its control platform, Stardraw Control 2010, with new features including a selection of Project Templates.

The selection of pre-configured, pre-programmed projects is bundled with the Stardraw Control 2010 authoring tool. Each template represents a typical system type, for example a boardroom or classroom, and contains the devices, their functions and a user interface that is pre-programmed and functional. At the same time, each project template is customisable.

Critical to this is the addition of another feature, Driver Substitution, which enables you to drag a new driver from Stardraw Control’s product list and drop it onto an existing one. This substitutes one product in an already-programmed system for another and the software re-assigns events and actions so that no re-programming is required. Where there may be some ambiguity Stardraw Control displays a substitution grid that allows you to assign the old action to a new command.

Driver Substitution is not limited to use in pre-configured Project Templates but can be employed in any Stardraw Control project.

The third new feature is an extension of support for WebServices. WebServices are a set of technologies that allow direct machine-to-machine communications across networks (including the internet, but also LANs and WANs). The recent extension to WebService support directly exposes the functions and properties of the devices in a system so that the UI, or any other process, can communicate with them directly and intelligently. This means that, say, a button in a webpage can directly call, for example, “Blu-Ray1/Play” without any intermediary programming.

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