Eyevis transmits DVI in real time with eStreaming

Eyevis has recently released its eStreaming solution to transmit DVI signals in real time across networks with a very low latency.

The system is based on an encoder/decoder solution which transmits the signal with eyevis’ compression technology. The Signals can be decoded everywhere again without losing quality, for example on an eyevis videowall or standalone displays. The system can be used on a standard network or the eyevis network with nearly zero latency. The solution can be used for transmitting signals across long distances, in WAN connection, multiple rooms, between buildings or technical rooms.

The eStreaming solution can be combined with eyevis products to stream signals across the network and display it on NPX display wall processors, standalone displays, projectors or display and cube walls. Also with the KVM support it is possible to control PC's from distance with a local keyboard and mouse.

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