Eyevis LCD has 6.5mm bezel

The Eyevis EYE-LCD-6000-SN offers a bezel of 6.5mm on a 60” LCD designed for videowall applications.

It can be used in landscape or portrait installations. The width of the bezel between two monitors is only 6.5 mm (2.4 mm at right and bottom, 4.1 mm at left and top).

An internal scaling mode allows spreading one image across an array of 5x5 (25) monitors, the integrated frame width adjustment functionality eliminates the misalignments and enhances the entire enlarged image on a video wall.

The screen uses direct LED instead of traditional CCFL backlight. The LEDs are positioned across the entire panel directly behind the liquid crystal layers.

The display has a resolution of 1,366x768 pixels and is available in 60" with a contrast ratio of 2100:1 and with the possibility to display a max. of 16.77 Mio. Colours.

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