eyevis launches transparent OLED with 40 points of touch

evevis has launched its latest TOLED display, which is a transparent OLED display with a frameless glass surface and 40 simultaneous points of touch.

The latest addition to the TOLED range is the EYE-TOLED-5500-TGIF40, which combines an OLED display with InGlass touch technology by Flatfrog.

InGlass implements 40 simultaneous touch points, which allow for working on multiple interactive elements at the same time. InGlass enables a homogeneous glass surface without noticeable bezels as seen in IR systems and without a visible metal mesh as used in PCAP and PCT touch systems.

The surface is easy to clean and sufficiently robust to withstand frequent usage in publicly accessible areas.

All variations of the EYE-TOLED-5500 feature high transparency. All black image content is displayed transparent.. As a display superimposed above or in front of products and exhibits, the EYE-TOLED-5500 creates a multi-layer-impression: Fixed and moving images are superimposed on real objects.

The display features full HD resolution, and a viewing angle up to 178° from both sides.

The touch version of the transparent OLED display will be available for delivery in June.

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