Eyevis calibrates multi-channel systems

The Eyevis EYE-PXP alignment tool features a comprehensive toolset for calibration of single- or multi channel display systems and LCD monitors, which require colour and brightness correction.

Additional functionality, such as colour shading, alpha masks and pixel-accurate blending make the system a solution for professional multi-channel projections to achieve optimal colour and brightness uniformity.
The EYE-PxP provides an easy to use GUI which enables comfortable configuration for one or multiple channels. The EYE-PxP provides best compatibility with visual display solutions from eyevis, but it can also be used with products from other manufacturers.
It comes with gamma correction through a 24 bit Look Up Table (LUT) for gamma correction. For each colour (red, green and blue) an individual LUT can be uploaded.
There is also a DDC-EDID emulation mode to ensure easy integration with any Image generator. The EDID information can be programmed on the device so that the image generator will always detect the device and will not notice any changes to the connected display.

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