Extron unveils two new matrix switchers

Extron has introduced the DMS 3600 and DMS 1600, two modular DVI matrix switchers that are designed for environments where high-resolution DVI signals have to be distributed to multiple locations.

The products accept various combinations of 4-port DVI input boards, 4-port DVI output boards, and 4x4 DVI input / output boards for switching high-resolution DVI digital video signals without copy protection.

The DMS 3600 is an 8U enclosure that can be configured in I/O sizes from 4x4 to 36x36, while the DMS 1600 is a 4U model, configurable from 4x4 to 16x16. A modular, field-upgradable, and hot-swappable design allows for future system expansion, as well as continuous system reliability with a fan assembly and redundant power supplies that can be replaced at any time.

To enhance and simplify integration of DVI-equipped sources and displays, the DMS 3600 and DMS 1600 feature EDID Minder, which automatically manages EDID communication between all connected input sources. EDID Minder ensures that all DVI sources power up at the proper resolution, and maintain their video outputs whether or not they are actively connected to the digital display devices through the matrix switcher's outputs. Both matrix switchers also feature automatic cable equalisation for all inputs and output reclocking for each output. This is designed to compensate for weak source signals or signal loss when using long input cable assemblies, and allows for transmission of DVI output signals over long cables.

The DMS 3600 and DMS 1600 offer QS-FPC - QuickSwitch Front Panel Controller with tri-colour backlit buttons, the ability to save frequently used I/O configurations as presets, and multiple points of control. They can be operated via the front panel, RS-232 serial control, and IP Link Ethernet control. Additionally, both matrix switchers provide +5VDC, 250mA on the DVI outputs for powering external peripheral devices.

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