Extron unveils quantum ultra expansion videowall cards

Extron has debuted its quantum ultra expansion cards, designed for large videowall design and operation.

The cards can link up to five quantum ultra frames, extending the HyperLane bus between processors. When configured, the processors can operate as one system with a shared bus, making each input available to all video outputs.

Quantum ultra outputs are genlocked across all frames, maintaining image synchronisation and minimising video tearing.

The cards can also accommodate a mixture of display devices with varying resolutions, including features such as output overlap, bezel compensation, output rotation and custom output resolutions for compatibility with current and next-gen displaydevices.

The quantum ultra expansion cards have a maximum throughput of 400 Gbps, capable of carrying 4K/60 sources with 4:4:4 chroma sampling, as well as sufficient bandwidth to support signal formats such as HDR.

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