Extron unveils DSPs with acoustic echo cancellation

Extron has introduced the DMP 128 digital matrix processor, a 12x8 audio mixer with acoustic echo cancellation.

The product also features Extron ProDSP, automixing and I/O expansion capabilities. DSP Configurator software is designed to simplify installation. 

A digital audio expansion port allows two DMP 128 units to be linked together to expand input and output signal management and routing capabilities.

The DMP 128 is suitable for presentation and conferencing applications in boardrooms, courtrooms, and conference centres.

DMP 128 C and DMP 128 C P models include Extron AEC for conferencing applications. The models include eight independent channels of AEC and selectable noise cancellation.

Extron AEC features algorithms designed to deliver fast echo canceler convergence for optimal intelligibility.

The DMP 128 C P model includes analogue phone interfacing with POTS line and phone connections.

Extron ProDSP is engineered using a 32/64-bit floating point DSP engine and studio grade 24-bit audio converters with 48 kHz sampling.

It is managed by DSP Configurator Software, a PC-based application. The DMP 128 features a gating automixer with eight gate groups for management of microphone signal levels.

The amount of signal level reduction is user-selectable per channel, to avoid the "chopped" sound characteristic of a traditional automixer when a mic is gated off. The DMP 128 includes automixing features for optimising microphone management.

Multiple trigger protection allows only the mic with the highest signal to be active while the rest are gated off.

A global automixer configuration screen in the DSP Configurator Software enables fast, intuitive management of all mics and groups in a centralized user interface. The number of open microphones can be specified in the automixer, to limit the number of active mics at one time.

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