Extron takes orders for next gen videowall processors

Extron is now taking orders for the Quantum Ultra II 610 and Quantum Ultra II 305 videowall processors.

The 18 Gbps HDMI connections on the 4K input and output cards facilitate single-path 4K/60 signals and are HDCP 2.3 compliant. The 8K-ready HyperLane video bus supports more than 20 4K/60 sources. Embedded HDMI audio from any source can be routed independently to one or more active canvasses. Features such as portrait and landscape output support, output overlap, bezel compensation, and custom output resolutions ensure compatibility with nearly any display.

Quantum Ultra II uses a modular architecture consisting of a card frame, input cards, and output cards. The Quantum Ultra II 610 is a 6U, 10-slot card frame that supports any combination of input and output cards for I/O sizes up to 36x4, 4x36, or anything in between. The Quantum Ultra II 305 is a 3U, 5-slot card frame for small to medium-sized videowalls. They can support multiple videowalls with mixed resolutions and screen orientations.

The Quantum IN4HDMI 4K PLUS input card accepts up to four single-path 4K/60 HDMI signals, and the Quantum IN4HDMI accepts one 4K/60 HDMI, two 4K/30, or four 2K signals. The Quantum IN SMD 100 decodes up to four 1080p/60, eight 1080p/30, or 16 SD resolution streams and is compatible with MPEG-2, Motion JPEG, and H.264 streams. The OUT4HDMI 4K PLUS output card delivers four HDMI signals up to 4K/60. OUT4HDMI and OUT4DTP output cards deliver from one to four outputs at resolutions from 1024x768 to 4K/60. Output on the OUT4DTP is selectable, offering DTP, XTP, and HDBaseT twisted pair output modes for signal extension up to 330 feet (100 meters) in a wide variety of mission-critical environments.


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