Extron ships MTPX Plus 64x64

Extron Electronics has started shipping its MTPX Plus 64x64 twisted pair matrix switcher for RGBHV, HD component video, standard definition video, audio and RS-232.

It is one of five models in the MTPX Plus 6400 Series of large-scale twisted pair matrix switchers and incorporates features of the MTPX Plus Series. It has new capabilities, including EDID Minder for local inputs and outputs, RS-232 insertion from the Ethernet port to all MTP outputs, and switchable video pre-peaking on all outputs.

The MTPX Plus 6464, the largest in the MTPX Plus 6400 Series, is capable of switching local and remote AV signals to multiple destinations and is compatible with the Extron MTP product line. The MTPX Plus 6400 Series provides additional features, including dynamic skew equalization, video level and peaking compensation, local RS-232 insertion ports, local high resolution video inputs and outputs as well as local audio output volume adjustment and muting.

MTPX Plus Series Twisted Pair Matrix Switchers, paired with Extron MTP U Series Universal Transmitter and Receivers, allow VGA, component video, S-video, and composite video, along with audio or RS-232 control signals, to be sent over a single CAT 5-type cable and output on the appropriate connector at the display.

Additional models in the MTPX Plus 6400 Series include the MTPX Plus 4864, MTPX Plus 4848, MTPX Plus 6448, and MTPX Plus 6432.

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