Extron ShareLink 200 bolsters collaboration

Extron Electronics has introduced ShareLink 200 Wireless Collaboration Gateway, which enables presenters to access and use content from mobile devices.

Supported devices include Windows and OS X computers as well as Apple and Android smartphones and tablets.

ShareLink technology provides simultaneous display of presentations, images, documents, and other content from up to four different personal devices.

Content from a single device shows full screen, and content from multiple devices appears simultaneously in four windows on the display.

Any user can share content and control the presentation when it is set to collaboration mode. A moderator mode allows only approved content to be displayed.

The wireless gateway has an integrated wireless access point, Power over Ethernet – PoE, and antennas mounted on the front panel.

It can be used to create a stand-alone wireless collaboration and presentation system or to add wireless presentation capabilities to a number of wired AV system designs.

WebShare technology enables content to be sent over the network to a Web browser on each attendee’s personal device.

ShareLink technology also allows a Windows or OS X computer to communicate with multiple ShareLink 200 units on a network to send the same content to as many as four displays. ShareLink 200 includes HDMI and VGA video outputs.

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