Extron releases RGB to DVI Scaler

Extron Electronics’ RGB to DVI scaler can convert incoming analogue component video and RGBHV signals to DVI. The RGB-DVI 300 accepts HDTV and high-resolution computer-video up to 1920x1200, and offers multiple, selectable DVI output rates up to 1920x1200, including HDTV 1090p/60.

The product is housed in a low-profile enclosure for placement behind flat-panel displays. It is suited to applications where newer displays, equipped only with DVI or HDMI inputs, are to be used with sources that output analogue RGB computer-video, or in an environment with an existing analogue RGB signal distribution infrastructure.

An on-screen display facilitates display of information pertaining to the incoming signal and adjustment of picture settings, including positioning, size, zoom, brightness, contrast, and detail. Internal test patterns are available for calibration and set-up. Several memory presets are available to store and recall configuration settings using the front panel or through the RS-232 serial port.

With Auto Input Memory, the RGB-DVI 300 automatically stores image settings for each new incoming signal. When the signal is recognised again from a newly connected source, image settings are automatically restored. Auto-Image, a feature common to many Extron scalers and signal processors, allows for set-up of incoming analogue RGB signals.

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