Extron releases lecture capture platform

Extron has introduced Entwine EMP, a software based enterprise media platform for lecture capture.

The system facilitates the capture, management, and playback of media files from meetings, lectures, and other live events. With Entwine EMP, previously recorded media files can be added to the system, ensuring current as well as archived recordings are accessible from a single platform. Content is catalogued and optimised for distribution or VOD – Video On Demand playback, and management of content and devices across the entire enterprise is provided by a dedicated administrative dashboard. Students and end-users access scheduled or ad hoc recorded media through a customisable user portal or through a LMS – Learning Management System.

Extron's Entwine EMP works seamlessly with Extron SMP 351 series streaming media processors to record and process content. Content management features allow cataloguing, searching, and editing across a host of media file formats using Entwine EMP's administrative or user portal. Integration with external databases such as LDAP/AD, is designed for creation and management of user groups and role management. Entwine EMP can also edit and enhance videos, including trimming, splitting, combining, and adding closed captioning.

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