Extron offers round enclosure with Cable Cubby 100

Extron Electronics added the Cable Cubby 100 to its Cable Cubby Series/2 line of furniture-mountable cable access enclosures.

The compact, round enclosure for AV connectivity and USB power is suitable for applications where a single user access point is required.

It features two connectivity openings for up to four single-space Mini Architectural Adapter Plates - MAAPs or two single-space MAAPs and three AV cables. Its modular design allows cables and MAAPs to be serviced from the top of the enclosure after it is installed. The Cable Cubby 100 is also available with two USB power outlets for charging mobile devices. The Cable Cubby 100 Switch Kit is available for "Show Me," push to talk, or mute mic applications. A cover plate conceals mounting screws.

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