Extron launches XPA U 4004 audio power amplifier

Extron has debuted its XPA U 4004 FX four channel, multi-zone audio power amplifier, capable of delivering 400 watts simultaneously into four ohm, eight ohm, 70 volt and 100 volt loads, independently configurable per channel.

The XPA U 4004 features an ECO Standby feature which automatically maximises the time that the amplifier operates in its lowest possible power state, using Extron InstaWake+ technology to delivery the ability to return to full power from standby in under 5 milliseconds.

The XPA U 4004 FX offers four channels at 400 watts and up to 800 watts per channel at half the channel count. Each channel of an adjacent pair draws power from the pair’s total wattage, delivering power where needed according to system requirements.

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