Extron launches XPA amplifiers with switchable bridging

Extron has debuted its XPA U 1004 SB and XPA U 2002 SB ultra-amplifiers with switchable bridging, featuring flexible channel pairs that can drive eight ohm, four ohm, 70 volt or 100 volt loads.

The bridgeable channel pairs of the XPA U 1004 SB can deliver two 100 watt channels into low impedance systems or one 200 watt channel into low or high impedance systems. 

The XPA U 2002 SB delivers 200 watts and 400 watts respectively, featuring a rotary switch on the rear panel of the amplifier to select the desired output mode. 

Both models feature an Extron Class D amplifier design with defeatable auto standby and Extron’s CDRS-Class D ripple suppression. 

The XPA Ultra SB models also feature remote volume and mute control support using an Extron VCM, VC or select MediaLink controllers. 

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